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New Year Celebration

This New year celebration was something special for everyone at Cafebility as well as for our guest. Shri Surendra Narayan Singh, M.L.A., Rohaniya, Varanasi, Visited Cafebility and celebrated New year with the differently abled People of Cafebility and 20 other visually impaired children from a special school of Varanasi. He Encouraged People with disabilities working in the Cafe by saying that they are real abled ones in this industry and they are the best examples for many others in this vulnerable group to come up and develop themselves to show the public that they are also part of this mainstream society just like anyone else. The MLA thanked and appreciated the initiative taken by the Cafebility foundation and promised that he is always ready to help Cafebility in its mission to make a better tomorrow for persons with disabilities. Dr. Uttam Ojha, Consultant Disability cell, Govt. of India encouraged the children by his motivational speech by saying that the People with Disabilities are emerging across all the sectors in the country and the government is always ready to be part of this kind of initiatives. Dr. Sunil Mishra, Mr. Sumit Singh etc. encouraged the staff with their presence and words of appreciation.

Visit by Hon. Mayor, Varanasi

Honorable Mayor of Varanasi Visited Cafebility on the occasion of 1st anniversary of Cafebility IP outlet. She encouraged the Persons with Disabilities working in Cafebility also those who are undergoing the training in various departments of Hospitality.

She also congratulated the Cafebility management and entire team for making such a Platform for Persons with Disabilities where they can develop their skill and make their life easy going by job and economic self-reliance. She also interacted with many of the trainees and employs of Cafebility to know more about the concept and their work.

Children’s day celebration

Children’s day celebration was organized by Cafebility in a different way by having 30 visually impaired children from a special school as our special guests for the celebration. International athletic Ms. Neelu Mishra graced the event as Chief Guest. Dr. Uttam Ojha, Consultant Disability cell, Govt. of India encouraged the children by his motivational speech. Children were very happy to get exposure to Cafebility after knowing that the café is run and managed by people like them. They were encouraged by the work of differently abled staff members of Cafebility. Ms. Neelu Mishra, while addressing the special children told by hard work and commitment they also can do each and every thing that a normal person can do. She emphasized on the statement and told that differently abled staff members of Cafebility is the best example for that. On the occasion, Dr. Sunil Mishra, Prof. Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeet, Sumit Singh, Founder, Kashiyana Foundation, Dr. Tulisi, etc. participated in the program to add more colors to the celebration.